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The Dark Side Of Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Most of the new Airsofters have become quite excited about the advent of sniper rifles. In real terms, Airsoft sniping isn’t very glorious as it seems to. Instead, it is quite difficult than what you visualize on video games and movies. To find out more about Airsoft snipping and what all can you expect from it, just along below.

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All about Sniping in Real Life

A snipe in real engages attempts its target when he is at a distance of more than 400 meters from the target. This is the best opportunity for him to aim. The sniper takes his shot from a well-covered final firing position.

A spotter operates with the sniper who keeps observes the target. Both of them approach the best position way before the enemy passes the line of drift. This type of approach achieves two things:

  • The enemy often cannot backfire efficiently because of the hideout position of the sniper.
  • The enemy cannot easily attack the position of the sniper as there are high risks of massive casualties.
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Airsoft Sniping is tough – Few good reasons

When Airsoft pistols for sale are used in an Airsoft field, you get to face numerous challenges. They are:

  • Everyone is bound to abide by the rules of the game and no one is exempted. Hence, you are not allowed to go in find the best position for a hideout. You need to rush with the rest of the team members which isn’t a very easy activity.
  • Airsoft fields are fully covered and you are not able to shoot through the team comfortably. This feature makes the airsoft difficult than snipping in real life.
  • You tend to miss your shot because of the things like leaves, dense forest and small twigs and this irrespective of the BB weight.
  • The accuracy required for snipping isn’t there in airsoft sniper rifles. Only the expensive professional sniper which costs around $300-$700 has good accuracy.
  • You don’t enjoy the ballistic advantage of a real sniper. They give you a rifle that has barely 60 feet of range on your rival.

Variety of Airsoft sniper rifles available

There are 3 types of sniper rifles available in the market today which can be differentiated by the counter strike.

  • Airsoft Spring Sniper: This is the upgraded version of spring rifles and has a mounted rail top for a better scope. These types of rifles come with about 450 FPS with 0.2s and medium level accuracy. Young players might have to struggle to pull the heavy bolt of the rifle.
  • Airsoft Gas Sniper: In these rifles, compressed gas is used which is stored in the magazine or a detachable tank. This is quite similar to paintball guns. These rifles are considered to be more accurate as it gives a consistent muzzle velocity.
  • Airsoft Electric Sniper: You will find a lot of ‘electric sniper rifles’ sold in the market. However, you won’t find more of single-shot AEFs with a small magazine. This one is a tough and expensive variant that requires high maintenance.

I hope the article was capable enough to give you a deeper insight into Airsoft Sniper Rifles. Now you know what to expect.